About dosmer

Dosmer is a free service helping you in the boring art of organising your shopping lists.

The service is built by CANNEDTUNA – a small Copenhagen internet shop, primarily doing things out of delight.

We are great proponents of an Internet built with respect for the privacy of its users.

That's why we are humbled to be allowed to store your shopping lists. Insight into the shopping habits of people can be worth a fortune, but we are not planning to share any of our users' data with any third parties, unless the user specifically wishes so. And not just by a more or less forced consent via mile-long terms of services nobody can be bothered to read, but by specifically agreeing to having their data shared. But, as of now, we don't even have any concrete ideas for or plans about sharing data.

Instead of making money by selling our users' data, we'd rather make a service worth paying for. There's still a long way to go, and so far we keep dosmer completely free. The basic features will most likely stay free forever, but we may start charging for future features. Who knows. We'll see :)

To help ourselves stay on the right moral track, we're planning to open source the code behing dosmer, making it free software, thereby allowing others to replace us, in case one day we start acting like arseholes. It will even allow users with the proper skills to run their own dosmer if they want, thereby storing their own data. But before we open up the source, there are some things that needs to be cleaned up.


We're very grateful to others who provide graphic arts and fonts for free.

Our logo is the icon Listing by Casper Jensen from NounProject.

Furthermore, we use the icons User and People by Wilson Joseph, Settings by Chameleon Design, Add by Kevin Kwok, Sort by Garrett Knoll, Bullet Points by Aha-Soft, Close by Arthur Shlain and Move Documents by Deepz. All of them also from NounProject.

We're using the font Encode Sans by Impallari Type.